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It's important to note that the Raiders are actually among the least-penalized teams in football this year. But their fans are convinced they're getting a raw deal, especially in yesterday's heartbreaking near-upset of Atlanta. Now, it's not unique for fans to complain about officiating, or to truly believe that the league has it out for their favorite team. But it takes Raider fans to honestly debate whether they should file a class-action lawsuit against the NFL.


From, and user "mexicanraider":

What if we bring a class action suit against the NFL for unfair treatment?

I just spoke to my lawyer if we present enough evidence such as replays, testimonies, etc this might go through.

NFL is governed by US laws which are very fair and demand an equal opportunity for all parties involved.

Is evident to anyone with half a brain the Raiders are being treated unfairly in the NFL. We could prove that.

Even those morons from CBS are treating the Raiders unfairly.

We just want to level the playing field. We want no favors.

We need at least a few thousand fans to make this happen.

Is anyone interested ?

In the interest of not picking on Raiders fans (we don't want to get sued!), we'll point out that most posters responded realistically, and dismissed the idea as unfeasible. But there are some who didn't!

I'm all for it. Our defenders have been allowed to be tackled and wrapped around the head in every game so far this season. It's sickening.

I've already been thinking about it... Its not just the penalties called against us, but what the refs allow the opposing team to get away with.... Maybe we can sue for our own expansion team, as our existing team can't get a fair shake.

I've often thought that people that wager on games LEGALLY via Vegas as an example HAVE a case. Also, seeing as people that go to the game are paying for it, perhaps there is some type of legal maneuvering.

I agree with this post. When we had the replacement Refs we hardly ever got a call. Now with the normal Refs we get called again. Ok we knew the replacement Refs were a Joke but seriously they called good clean games at times. These NFL Refs have something on us. We are the Oakland Raiders THE MOST PENALIZED TEAM Refs come into our game ready to throw the flags. Even if we say we are trying to stop them, we will be called on the little slight chance we did something wrong. We will never win and never get our voice heard against the Refs plan and simple. When we voice our option we are typical Raider Fans. If we can do this we will be heard and make sure you have the Best Proof you can muster. Bring up the Tuck rule and how it never came up again. Bring up the Replacement Refs. We will not win but crap I hope we can start making some people in the NFL look into this.

The easiest way to do this I think and by far the most provable is the scheduling, there is an obvious disadvantage to playing back east, say after a short week, that we are ALWAYS saddled with, this year is a perfect example. It would be easy to analyze the schedules from previous years and prove a bias. Also, i remember a stretch of years where we played both teams from the superbowl every year even though they werent from the divisions we had to play, another example of bias. Also, the early games back east that other teams dont have to play like denver/NE this year. In this past game they called a BS pushing off on Myers, but then on ATLs touchdown there was a blatant pushing off with no call. Im sure with enough tape you can show that there are refs looking right at infractions against us that are not called. It would be a lot of work but its definitely doable, my brother is a lawyer(Stanford) I'll ask him to look at the thread and see what he thinks. Also, how about the class action is anyone who can show evidence they bought a ticket but the money goes into a pool for a new stadium? that way the league might just settle and we can stay in Oakland.

LOL half the owners or at least their franchises HATED Al Davis for ruining "their" league. Do you think a that things dont go on behind closed doors or under the table that affect the outcome of sports? because if you do you are terribly naive.....


You could go to any team's message board after a loss, and find tears and recriminations (except in those fanbases who are so broken, they have no problems blaming the team and front office). But the mental picture of the Black Hole, in full facepaint and armor, going door-to-door to sign up new plaintiffs is too good to let go by.

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