Years ago, it was common to see lots of fans storm the field to celebrate a team's victory. The obvious security concerns and litigation threats of today, however, make such displays pretty much nonexistent. And television networks have long avoided showing footage of fans running onto playing fields during broadcasts of live sporting events, so as not to draw attention to dumbass behavior.

But this enterprising Browns fan timed his trespass exquisitely, didn't he? CBS' television cameras had just captured Mohamed Massaquoi's leaping catch with 43 seconds remaining in yesterday's win over the Dolphins. Massaquoi was soon being congratulated by teammates Benjamin Watson and Joshua Cribbs. And along came Some Dude, at just the right moment. Some Dude thus managed to earn a split-second of face-time before the production crew cut away to a crowd shot. Well done, dumbass.

[h/t to several readers]