Someone Stole World Championship Rings From The Hockey Hall Of Fame

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A dastardly thief walked into the Hockey Hall of Fame and stole two rings donated by recent Hall of Fame inductee Paul Kariya, the CBC reports. Was this the work of the Canadian villain the Puckburgler? Perhaps!

Toronto cops told the CBC that the man entered through an attached retail store, then snuck into a supply closet connected to the Hall of Fame. He got Kariya’s 1993 world junior championship ring and 1994 world championship ring.

The Hall was open at the time of the theft, and cops are hoping someone saw it take place. They also speculate the man may have been after a bigger load, considering he got away in a rented U-Haul truck. The CBC writes:

His vehicle choice is being considered by investigators, de Kloet said, since a van can obviously transport much more than two rings.


Something must’ve spooked this dude, or else Canadian police would’ve found a U-Haul with a bunch of world championship rings, several Stanley Cup pieces, Conn Smythe trophies, famous hockey sticks and the teeth of the Broad Street Bullies.

But is Paul Kariya mad? No! He’s taking things well, at least according to the Hockey Hall of Fame:

Hockey Hall of Fame chairman and fellow inductee Lanny McDonald called Kariya to tell him about the theft. Kariya said he “understood these things happen,” according to Hall of Fame spokesperson Kelly Masse.


Do these things happen? There was that theft of six belts from the International Boxing Hall of Fame last year, and athletes do occasionally have their rings stolen. Still, it seems like a crime one could prevent, and Paul Kariya would certainly have the right to be more pissed. He gave his rings to the Hockey Hall of Fame and they let them get away!