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Someone Threw A Sock Full Of Shit At A Woman In Chicago

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The headline basically sums it up, but here's the disgusting rundown: A woman riding on a local transit train in Chicago was just minding her own business when a man, unprovoked, hurled a sock full of human feces at her and ran away. And you think your commute is crappy.

The victim was confused and humiliated, as anyone would be after getting pelted with a shit sock. From NBC Chicago:

"He had a sock full of his poop on me," the 21-year-old college student told the Pioneer Press. "It was everywhere; on my face, my hair, my clothes."

The victim, requesting anonymity, said she screamed and tried to follow her attacker, but he escaped up the Austin Boulevard exit and ran northbound on Austin.


"It was like the biggest degradation I've ever [experienced]. I wish he had just hit me," she said, because she thinks that would have been less traumatic.

"The worst part is nobody had anything to wipe my face with," she said. She managed to find some newspapers before paramedics arrived. The paramedics gave her towels and water.

"They really aren't prepared for a situation like that," she said.

That poor woman. I wouldn't throw a shit sock at my worst enemy. I also wouldn't think to shit in a sock in the first place just to throw it at my worst enemy. If only professional wrestler Shawn Daivari was on that train. Then shit would have really gone down.


If you really want to see a photo of the shit sock bandit and learn more about him, go to NBC Chicago's site.

[NBC Chicago]

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