Paying a little up front for a great toothbrush is worth it if it helps you avoid cavities down the road. I've been using this Sonicare for years, and I always get compliments from my dentist. $10 off today with a coupon. [Sonicare Essence Toothbrush, $30 with $10 Coupon]

If you ever leave your car untended for an extended period, you'll want a good battery charger to make sure it starts when you get back. [Black & Decker Battery Maintainer/Charger, $15]


These unbelievably-affordable Bluetooth headphones will only set you back $19 today, and feature 20 hours of playback time, a built-in mic, and even noise cancellation. [SoundBot Bluetooth Headphones, $19]


SanDisk's 128GB MicroSD card is still the largest you'll find from a reliable manufacturer, and you can grab one $20 off today. Needless to say, your GoPro or Android phone won't be pressed for space for a very long time. [SanDisk 128GB MicroSD Card, $100]

We've got several great phone deals today, including a Moto G for $50. This one will only work with Verizon prepaid plans, but you could just skip the cell plan altogether, and use it as a $50 Android version of the iPod Touch.


If you actually want to use your phone as a phone, we've also found an unlocked Moto X for $275, and a last-gen HTC One with 32GB of storage for $350.


Moto G [Verizon Prepaid] ($50) | Best Buy | No contract required. You could just use it on Wi-Fi as a cheap Android device.

Refurb Chromebook deals are nothing new, but this one comes with built-in T-Mobile 4G, with two years of free service included (200MB/month). You also get a nice big screen that's great for watching movies. [Refurb HP Chromebook 14 with Free 4G, $225]


If you need a little more power from your laptop, eBay has $200 off a 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display. This model includes an upgraded 256GB SSD, and 8GB of RAM. [MacBook Pro Retina, $1300]


If your iTunes balance is running dry, here's a nice chance to top it off. All you have to do is purchase two iTunes gift cards on Target, and one of them will receive a 30% discount. That's equivalent to a 15% discount overall, which is par for the course on iTunes deals. [Buy One iTunes Card, Get a Second 30% Off]


There are a multitude of Amazon extensions out there, none of which we think very highly of, but here's one you can grab 5 bucks for installing (and immediately uninstalling thereafter). Amazon is offering $5 off the first $25+ purchase you make using their 1Button app before June 30. [1Button]


This kettle will look fantastic in any kitchen, and it has great reviews to boot. It usually sells for over $90, but it's only $65 right now. [Bonavita Electric Kettle, $65]






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