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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sonya Curry Back On American Radars

Illustration for article titled Sonya Curry Back On American Radars

I don't understand the Sonya Curry phenomenon. (Actually, I didn't even know there was one, but apparently it's tearing up the charts.) The mother of Davidson sharpshooter Stephen Curry is an attractive 40-something teacher and a former athlete herself, but does that really make her any more interesting than any of the other sports moms out there?


I mean, it's not like she's strutting around in cut-off shorts with "Wildcat" written on the butt or boozing it up with her son's teammates on Facebook. She's just a mom who isn't ugly and understands that Davidson relies too much on her son's outside jumpshot. Just like every other mom at the Garden last night. I mean, why doesn't anyone talk about how Del's long-range abilities on NBA Live '95 inspired Stephen and kept me from getting destroyed by my roommate in Super Nintendo grudge matches?


Anyway, Davidson held off West Viriginia even though it took 27 shots and 12 missed 3-pointers for Curry to get his 27 points. Curry still leads the nation in scoring at 30.8 points per game, while his mother apparently leads the nation in the crowd reaction shots. Maybe she'll get a new hairdo before March!

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