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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sorry Giants Fans, Chad McGhee Thinks The Patriots Will Dominate Your Team In The Super Bowl

Chad McGhee, the dean of Texas high-school six-man football observation, has some thoughts he'd like to share about the NFL's biggest game of the year. Granted, he had predicted the San Francisco 49ers would face the New England Patriots on Sunday. But, that doesn't change his vision of the outcome, he said during a telephone interview Monday afternoon.

"It's time for redemption, time for payback. To get that close to a phenomenal perfect season and have that taken from you is like taking candy from a baby. You just don't do that," McGhee said of the New York Giants's 17-14 win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. "It will be a complete wash. Lord have mercy, something like 58-4 or 78-3, 56-3. But if it's a good physical hard-played game, maybe it's something like 54-44."

All of which is to say Chad either sees all things through the storied prism of six-man football final scores, or he advises you to take the over.

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