Source: Brandon Phillips Thought Jared Hughes Called Him "Boy"

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We told you earlier about the dustup last night that caused Brandon Phillips to tweet that a Pirates player had said something racist to him. According to a source who spoke to someone who was on the field at the time, Phillips thought Pirates reliever Jared Hughes had called him "boy." This after Hughes hit Phillips with a pitch in the eighth inning and Phillips responded by flipping the ball back toward Hughes.

Indeed, around the 1:50 mark of the video below, it does look like Phillips is saying to one of the umpires, "He said boy to me." But whatever Hughes might have said in between all the times he clearly says "fuck," and whatever Phillips thought he heard, it's been resolved now. Rob Biertempfel, the Pirates beat writer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, tweeted a little while ago that Phillips and Hughes had "talked it out" over the phone, with Andrew McCutchen serving as their mediator. (McCutchen had also been approached by Phillips after the inning, as you can also see in the video.)


Phillips, meanwhile, told John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer that he and Hughes had "a great conversation" today and that it was "all a big misunderstanding." There was no mention of what Phillips thought Hughes had said.


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