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Source Confirms Stacey Dales Quit ESPN Because She Wouldn't Fly Coach

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Yep, an ESPN source has confirmed that sideline lovely Stacey Dales quit ESPN over a tiff about airline seating. It's a story as old as journalism itself.


Dales, a two-time All-American the University of Oklahoma who also played in the WNBA, talked about the situation in an article today in the Oklahoman. While not coming out and admitting that she left ESPN after six years because the network was making her fly coach — while other reporters flew first class — she did hint in that direction.

In negotiating a new three-year contract in December, Dales said she reached an impasse with the network over a travel provision that she did not specify. However, an ESPN source confirmed an Internet report that Dales was unhappy with flying coach while many of her colleagues were flying first class.


Yes Mel, the story was "an Internet report" ... it just sprung from the ground like crude oil. You're drinking our milkshake, Mel.

Anyway, here's what Stacey had to say about her departure from the WWL (from a newspaper report):

"At some point, you have to take a stand at whatever you are doing in life," Dales said. "That's not sounding like a feminist. That's not sounding like a spoiled, rotten kid. That's making a business decision that affects the quality of your life. That was an important thing for me."

Since joining ESPN in 2002, Dales had developed into one of the network's top sideline reporters and provided strong analysis in the college basketball studio. "ESPN was a great launching pad for something new," she said. "I had a great experience with them."

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