Southeast Jerome In Heaven With Friends

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OK, so as we showed you yesterday, Clinton Portis brought along some pals for his press conference yesterday. The conceit was that Southeast Jerome — who had been previously considered "lost" — had died and made it to heaven with all his friends. They included:

• "Luscious" (Rock Cartwright)
• "Pretty Teeth" (Robert Royal)
• "Pied Piper Piccalo" (Ryan Clark)
• "Biggie Short" (Nehemiah Broughton)
• "Sweet Feet Jenkins" (Ladell Betts)
• "Johnny White Guy" (Chris Cooley)

In that picture, by the way? That's the "championship" trophy that they're all fighting for. In heaven. Against the Eagles. Well, it's all a little confusing. But please please please let the Redskins make the playoffs, because we'll never, really, get tired of this.


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