Spacey Royals Fan Is Worst Person To Ask About School Shooting Plot

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Kansas teenager Brendan Moore was arrested and charged last week for planning a school shooting at Topeka West High School. A crew from local news station WIBW wanted a fellow student to interview for a reaction, and they found Nate Magers. They should have kept looking.

Magers impressively provides nothing of value in a full minute. The bar's low for interviewing kids in high school, but this dude doesn't even manage that. Here's a portion:

Reporter: Does that make you scared to come to school?

Nate Magers: No.

Reporter: It doesn't?

Magers: No.

Reporter: Why?

Magers: 'Cause they're not plotting to kill me.

He's later asked how he felt when he heard about the plot. "Wow, man, like, killing people is heavy." That it is, Nate.


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