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Spanish Matador Messes With Bull, Gets Horns

Bullfighter Israel Lancho is in critical condition after being gored by his "opponent" in Madrid on Wednesday. I guess that in addition to the horns, you also occasionally get an eight-inch wide perforation in your lower abdomen. (Amazing [and graphic] photos and video below, so proceed at your own risk.)

I'm not just posting this for the "oh my god" factor—but seriously, OMG!—but also because I find it slightly amusing when people fuck with animals and then pay the price for it. (I actually felt a little bad for that shark. Guy just wanted to eat.) I'm don't want to get all PETA on you, but the problem with bullfights is not that people are fighting bulls, it's that the fights aren't even fair. Look at how many times the bull has been stabbed. Can you really blame him for being peeved?


GaAAAaAAAAAAAH. Yeah, that's gotta sting. Yes, yes, it's tragic and horrifying, but no one told Lancho to pick a fight with a crazed and wounded half-ton animal. (Plus, the bull was probably slaughtered later, so karma, I guess.)

What's that? You want video? Okay ....

Hey, it could have been worse.


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