Okay, this is really, really weird.

The video above depicts Tomás Roncero, a writer for Madrid sports daily AS, the bullfighter Toñín, a few Real Madrid supporters group presidents, and a Ouija board. The Real fans have assembled ahead of the second leg of their club's Copa del Rey tie against Atlético Madrid, the first leg of which they lost 2-0. They are desperate for a comeback. So, as is the tradition in Madrid, they've sought to invoke the spirit of former player and comeback-king Juanito.

Only this time, this group decided to take it one step further. Instead of merely invoking his name or praying for his spirit to lend the team strength or whatever, they tried to literally invoke his spirit with a Ouija board. And filmed it. And wrote about it, full of worried looks and flickering lights. And put it on the paper's front page:


Again, the idea itself isn't unusual. But the execution here is pretty bugged out.