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Sports Illustrated Can't Spell

The powers that be at Sports Illustrated like to put out regional covers for certain special issues, the NCAA Tournament preview being one such example. It's a nice thing to do because it allows several different college players to appear on the cover of sport's most iconic magazine who might not normally receive such recognition. Of course some of those niceties go out the window when you botch the spelling of the coverboy's first name. Dan Steinberg, the cheeseboy/poet/grammarian at DC Sports Bog, took note of the typo and offered up some advice to magazine editors everywhere.

A handy reminder to national magazine copy editors: "U before A, just about every day, except after P, which works for Gasol, or in 'FAU,' which will probably brawl."


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Yep, that's it down at the bottom.


Kevin Love can sense that something is amiss.

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