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Sportsmanship Fail: Up Big, Team Fouls To Reach 100

Houston's Yates High School 100-point streak was in jeopardy. So, comfortably ahead with three minutes left, they began fouling their humiliated opponents to get the ball back. This would be what James Naismith referred to as "a dick move."

Does the name Yates sound familiar? It should. That scoreboard photo is from earlier this month, when the team was up 100-12 at halftime. They kept their starters in and continued playing a full-court press, eventually winning 170-35.


Now that you know what kind of jerkass coach we're dealing with, this new strategy doesn't sound so out-of-character. Wednesday night, they were up by 30 with three minutes left. A perfect time to ease off the pedal, right? Not if you've got 11 straight 100-point games, and want a 12th.

Yates started fouling Westbury players on the inbounds pass to stop the clock, get the ball back, and go for 100. They sent Westbury to the line seven times, but it wasn't enough. Yates "only" won 94-64.

It's nice that they didn't reach 100, but that's not karma. Karma would be a Westbury parent popping the Yates coach one in the face.

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