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Sportsmanship Is No Better At The D-III Level, It Seems

Saturday was a productive day for the Division III Lincoln Lions. In a game played in Salem, West Fuckin' Virginia, they fought through the tough Ohio State Marion defense to earn a 201-78 victory in the 25th Annual Joe Manchin Classic (Joe Manchin is the governor of West Fuckin' Virginia).

A senior guard named Sami Wylie scored 69 of Lincoln's points, and here's my favorite part of this story: Sami Wylie shot the ball 44 times in 24 minutes of play. Just one guy. One person. Sami Wylie shot the ball 44 times in 24 minutes of play. Stephon Marbury thinks that's excessive. If Stephon Marbury and Antoine Walker were somehow able to conceive a child (and I hear they're trying) that child's name would be Sami Wylie.


The Lions set five different scoring records in the game, including margin of victory, points in a game, and points in a half, with 104 points coming in the second half. To me, that seems excessive and not very nice ... but I'm not familiar with the D-III rules, maybe there's a 100-point shot that they had to protect against.

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