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Spring Training Is Good

One of my midlevel life regrets is that I’ve never gotten to Florida or Arizona for Spring Training, because it seems like it offers the things I like most about live baseball: Sitting outside in nice weather, eating and drinking, and just absorbing the entire sensory experience—the smells, the sounds—without necessarily caring that much about who wins or loses, or even who plays.

This video has firmed up my commitment to get down there if I ever have a kid. It’s a random young fan warming up with Diamondbacks catcher Oscar Hernandez and OF Brandon Drury.

This wasn’t the plan; Hernandez just wanted to give the kid a ball. But then the kid threw it back.

“‘Oh, you want to play catch? Let’s play catch,’” Hernandez said. “That was fun. I was just having fun with the kid. When I was a kid, I would have liked the opportunity to play catch with a big leaguer.”


Kid’s got a decent arm, too.

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