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Spring Training Kicks Off With First Miguel Cabrera DUI Of The Year

So, not good news obviously for the Tigers, but more to the point, not good news for the man who spent last year's offseason in rehab. Pushing a deputy, talking to imaginary friends, and drinking Scotch straight from the bottle while being arrested? Yeah, it was an eventful night.

Cabrera's car was on the side of the road, his engine smoking, when a deputy pulled over to assist. With bloodshoot eyes and slurred speech,

"I am going to (expletive) kill him," Cabrera is quoted as saying.

The deputy saw no one else in the vehicle or in the area. Cabrera, of Boca Raton, grabbed a bottle of James Buchanan's scotch and started drinking.


Cabrera refused to follow the deputy's orders, saying "Do you know who I am, you don't know anything about my problems" and at one point, pushing off the car into the arresting officer. He was brought down with knee strikes and cuffed. He's charged with DUI and two counts of resisting arrest.

It makes you sad, because just last year Cabrera said he hadn't touched a drop of alcohol since his 2009 incident. But it also makes you made, because drinking and driving is about the worst, most dangerous decision you can make for everyone else on the road. And the 2011 Tigers, who had a great offseason, have their first major roadblock before intrasquad games even begin.

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