St. Gregory's University President Defends Athletic Director

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SGU president D. Gregory Main has released a statement on the firing of cross country and track and field coach Matt Aguero. Unsurprisingly, Main claims it's Aguero who "unethically violated" Athletic Director Dr. Jeff Potter's right to be a babbling idiot with insensitive and antiquated views on the chattel he's charged to oversee.


"The content of that discussion and the larger situation have been significantly distorted," Main says, stating that Monday, April 21, the day of the Boston Marathon, was a work day for staff.

The problem is, Aguero was not accused by Potter of missing a school day for the Boston Marathon, nor did Aguero violate any official attendance policy. According to Cheri Boyd, the Director of Human Resources for SGU who was also present for the firing, "Dr. Potter had told me he'd given a directive that was not followed by his employee." Aguero was fired for running the Boston Marathon after the AD told him not to.


"You had a meet on Friday and Saturday, and you were in attendance at that with all of your athletes. So I guess I'm not seeing that's a huge problem," Boyd says during the meeting. "I kind of am seeing what you're saying, that it's more about because you went to the Boston Marathon."

Main also claims that by recording his firing and releasing the tape, it "unethically violates the confidentiality of several of our students and recruits." What the tape does is expose the growing villainy of an athletic director with an unchecked god complex. When the president states that the school is proud of "holding everyone accountable for their actions," he forgets that it was his AD's bizarre action that led to Aguero's recording.

Also unsurprising, Main has yet to comment on his athletic director's views on dealing with students after the death of a grandparent. Or as Potter calls it, being an enabler.

Read the release here.

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