Standard Liège fans have long memories. Today, former Red Steven Defour made his return to the stadium where he made his name, only this time playing for Standard's rivals Anderlecht. Instead of welcoming him back, fans made an enormous tifo depicting a decapitated Defour, shouted abuse at him all game, and baited him into getting sent off.

Above, you can see the tifo, which shows Friday the 13th villain Jason Voorhees holding Defour's disembodied head, alongside the phrase "Red or Dead." During the game, fans apparently yelled all sorts of insults at the man they consider a traitor. Unable to keep his cool, the midfielder eventually punted a ball into the crowd.

For the act, Defour received his second yellow card of the match and was sent off. Standard went on to win, 2-0. Soccer fans are not the forgiving type.


Photo via Twitter