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Stanford Cardinal

1. The Happiest Place On Earth. While other programs struggle with illegal shenanigans and recruiting scandals, the Cardinal are definitely rated G. Twins Brook and Robin Lopez are obsessed with everything related to Walt Disney, including knowing the answers to trivia questions such as: Where did Walt Disney live out the last 11 years of his life? (in an apartment above the fire house in Disneyland). The twins also love drawing and writing comic books, having been introduced to them as children when their AAU coach would give them a comic book each time one of them blocked a shot. Robin Lopez is named for Christopher Robin, the young boy from the Winnie the Pooh books. They also have a brother named Christopher. And their favorite singer is Michael Jackson, so much so that they play his song Speed Demon before every game.

2. Their Coaching Staff Can Beat Up Your Coaching Staff. If an on-court melee erupts, bet on the Cardinal. They have a young coaching staff led by head coach Trent Johnson, but when you throw in athletic trainer Tomoo Yamada, its all over. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yamada is a martial arts expert who specializes in Jui Jitsu, and has trained on the famed Shamrock Fighting Team.


3. Sloshball Fever: Catch It. One of Stanford's greatest traditions is Sloshball; a kickball game that features a keg at second base. A full beer must be consumed before the runner may leave second base, and a beer must be held in a cup at all times. Disputed calls are settled by beer chugging contests known as boatraces. Sadly, another tradition, the Big Game bonfire on Lake Lagunita, was discontinued due to the presence of endangered salamanders. — Rick Chandler

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