As basketball nicknames go, The Library Masturbator is probably greater than even Dr. J or Black Mamba. Man, I hope Stanley Pringle makes it to the NBA.

As you may recall, Pringle is the unfortunate lad who was cited in April for jackin' it in the Penn State campus library while chatting up a woman. As you might imagine, this has not gone unnoticed by Penn State's basketball opponents, who have come up with some rather creative taunts for Pringle, who is the Nittany Lions' starting point guard.

All of this has just served to motivate him, said Pringle in an article in the Virginian-Pilot.

"I've got ears," the Penn State sharpshooter said. "How can you not hear it? They're definitely trying to get in my head. It's funny, because the more noise they make, the better I seem to like it. Like when we were at Purdue, the guys were yelling all this stuff when I was at the free throw line, and I made both of them. The next time, they didn't say anything, and I missed one. I was like, 'Man!' "


Pringle is on a type of double secret probation in which he can get the charges dismissed if he stays out of trouble for one year. He actually denies that he was masturbating, by the way, and blames sites such as, well, us, for creating a story where there was none.

"It was all bull," said Pringle, who has steadfastly maintained his innocence. "One person falsely accuses you of something, and every media outlet in the world just jumps on it and blows it all out of proportion."

But about that nickname: Library Masturbator is kind of unwieldy. How about Jaxx? Motion Lotion? Extra-Glide? Let's work on this.


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