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Steakhouse Waiter Fired For Showing The World What A Great Tipper Peyton Manning Is

Peyton Manning went to the Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC. Peyton Manning tipped his server, Jon, an extra $200 on top of the included gratuity on a $740 bill. Peyton Manning is a good guy and Jon wanted to share that with the world. Now Jon's looking for another job.

The Angus Barn fired Jon yesterday, immediately after a photo of that receipt made it online. "This goes against every policy we have," said Van Eure, the restaurant's owner. "It's just horrible."


Okay, we can see the Barn's point. Famous folk like to go to restaurants that don't have a history of splashing their tipping habits on the internet. But posting a huge tip is very, very different from shaming a light tipper, and yesterday's receipt reveal did nothing but contribute to the national Peyton Manning love-in. We see so few good stories about pro athletes, and here's one, and it ends up with both the quarterback and the waiter unemployed.

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