If there's one thing we learned while sifting through the assorted vitriolic, typo-ridden responses to the Why Your Team Sucks series, it's that many fans have no perspective when it comes to their favorite teams and players. Morals go out the window ("He basically paid his debt to society!"), logical fallacies become tent poles of backseat strategizing ("He just needs receivers!"), and expectations change drastically according the color of uniform a given player is wearing ("We traded him because he's a traitor!"). Anyone who draws attention to any of these things is, obviously, a hater, and more pertinently, a fan of the rival team. It's math.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark has noticed this, so go ahead and count him among the haters and possibly among the card-carrying Ravens fans. Yesterday, he pointed out that those who lionize noted rapist Ben Roethlisberger while impugning noted accessory to murder Ray Lewis are "sad":

Apart from the existence of Steelers fans who likely understand the hypocrisy involved and still do it because it's fun, he's right, it is a little sad. Fandom can pervert your perception at times, and those that support Rothlisberger do occupy a moral grey area, one which should factor into their decision to accuse Ray Lewis of any special dissoluteness.


He's also a disloyal clown fraud who's shaming the Rooney name. Ship him to Jacksonville before infects the locker room.