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Bevo XIV, the Texas Longhorns’ mascot, died today. He was 13.

Bevo was diagnosed with bovine leukemia virus and missed last Saturday’s football game, where the Longhorns upset a 4-0 Oklahoma team, 24-17. Bevo’s stand-in was some dorky dog with horns; the replacement firmly proved that a steer of that magnitude has no substitute.


Bevo was not just a mascot, but an animal. He had a heart, and a brain. He liked belly rubs:

“BEVO XIV was so much more than a traditional mascot—he was so big and strong, but he had such a sweet personality and a gentle soul,” said Ricky Brennes, Executive Director of the Silver Spurs and BEVO XIV’s regular traveling partner. “He loved the attention that came with being BEVO but was very cool, calm and smart. Like a dog he would come when called by name, show up to the house looking for treats and even roll over on his side so Mrs. Baker could rub his belly. He did so much for his university and community. His last few days provided great memories, but we miss him already.”


Farewell, sweet Bevo. You’ll never have to watch another Texas football game again.

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