Steph Curry Doesn't Seem Like He Wants To Go To The White House

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Earlier this week, irresponsible and unfounded reporting claimed the Golden State Warriors will not be visiting the White House following their NBA Finals victory. That story was false; there’s still good reason to think that the team, or at least a few key members, might skip out on the tradition.

The team’s official statement on the issue said that no decision has been reached yet, but yesterday Steph Curry was asked if he personally would like to visit the White House, and he did not seem too enthused. From USA Today:

“Somebody asked me about (going to the White House) a couple of months ago, like a hypothetical, if the championship were to happen would I do it and I think I answered ‘I wouldn’t go’. I still feel like that today,” he said. “But, obviously as a team, we’re going to have a conversation.”


Curry is the second Warrior to say that he would rather not visit the White House. When asked if he would like to go, Andre Iguodala responded, “Hell nah.” Curry and Iguodala’s statements, combined with the fact that Steve Kerr and David West have previously been critical of Donald Trump, give the impression that a visit by the entire team is not likely to happen.

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