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Stephen A. Smith Still Has Remarkable Confidence That Stephen A. Smith Can Continue Being Stephen A. Smith

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Stephen A. Smith is taking his ESPN loser's lap to the airwaves, but is still passionately promoting STEPHEN A. THE BRAND to whomever gives him the opportunity to talk about himself.


First known victim, 790 The Ticket Zone in Atlanta, where the "Two Live Stews" let Stephen explain to everyone how great he is.

I just looked in the mirror fellas and I said you know I'm 41 years of age, I've got a little cash stashed away…I'm a proud single daddy no question about that, but it's just one of those things, man, where I just reached a point where at age 41 with about 20 to 25 years left in this business me doing my speaking engagements around the country, me representing the communities specifically the African-American community throughout this country being one of the preeminent voices out there… if this is where I stop, then at age 41, I'm not growing anymore and I couldn't live with that."

Also Stephen A. made sure to let the people know that his departure wasn't a "Keith Olbermann situation," which implies that he didn't make any outrageous salary demands (ahem) or make Suzy Kolber cry.

The NY Post's Faux Mariotti, Phil Mushnick, took exception to Smith's hubris and unloaded, going as far to implore black people to not fall for Stephen A.'s self-aggrandizing:

Geez, he was just dumped for being a self-promoting, self-aggrandizing, self-congratulatory, race-hustling, blowhard and sports know-nothing and he still was unable to subjugate his bombast long enough to allow you a minute to feel sorry for him.

Yep, despite all ESPN's media platforms, it no longer had room for a wildly popular, in-demand fellow who's one part Martin Luther King and one part Daniel Webster (but mostly like Sean Salisbury). Smith's so delusional he'd insult those he considers his greatest admirers. He apparently feels that black Americans find him less full of it than everyone else.

So was the first part of that paragraph Phil Mushnick imitating Stephen A. Smith or Phil Mushnick imitating Phil Mushnick? Regardless, one of them should really pen an autobiography titled "Subjugating The Bombast."

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