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Steve Kerr Lays On The Sarcasm Toward Former NBAers Who Think They'd Beat The Warriors

Tony Dejak/AP Images
Tony Dejak/AP Images

The Golden State Warriors are the best NBA team of all time. So naturally, ex-NBA guys are popping up everywhere to claim that they—unlike the Cavaliers, featuring three superstars including one of the two greatest NBA players ever—could have beaten the Warriors.

Magic Johnson says the Showtime Lakers totally would have swept Golden State. Rasheed Wallace and Rip Hamilton agree: The 2004 Pistons would have won. Julius Erving says the ‘83 Sixers would’ve beaten the Warriors. If you hear former champs tell it, these Warriors will apparently the worst title team of all time.

Steve Kerr has heard it, and he totally agrees.

“They’re all right, they would kill us. The game gets worse as time goes on. Players are less talented than they used to be. The guys in the ‘50s would’ve destroyed everybody. It’s weird how human evolution...goes in reverse in sports. Players get weaker, smaller, less skilled. I can’t explain it.”


Fuck ‘em up, Steve.

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