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I don't know sign language, but I think Steve Nash might have had a problem with Violet Palmer's officiating in last night's game against the Lakers. (The Suns got crushed, btw.) Or maybe he's just invested in a LensCrafters franchise and wants to make sure everyone in the NBA has quality, stylish eyewear. He can take care of that for you in about a hour.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul—which must explain why most NBA refs have souls that are crusted with bird poo. Hey ... THAT'S THREE SECONDS!

* * * * *

Good morning, peoples. 10-6? Can that be right? Cutler almost had more INTs than the Bears had points and they still could have won? Good thing I still don't get the NFL Network.


I thought this Friday might never come ... but what if it never leaves?