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This video comes from last night's Lakers-Rockets game, which ended as another demoralizing loss of the Lakers. That's Steve Nash wiping the sweat from his armpits with a towel, casually handing the towel to his teammate Metta World Peace, and then walking away as World Peace proceeds to bury his face in the gross, sweaty towel.

It sure looks like World Peace sees Nash jam the towel all up into his sweaty pits, and yet he's still eager to take it and use it on his own face. And Nash just gives it to him like it's no big deal, without even the slightest warning about where that towel has just been. The pit sweat seems to have had a positive effect on World Peace, however. He finished the game with 24 points and went 4-5 from the three-point line. There's just no end to the ways in which Steve Nash can make his teammates better.


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