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Steve Smith And Michael Irvin Are Still Not The Best Of Friends

Since retiring from the NFL in 2017, Steve Smith has made the seamless switch from a brash, loud-mouth receiver to a brash, loud-mouth analyst on the NFL Network. In this latest example, Smith, who played for the Ravens from 2014-16, snapped on fellow analyst Michael Irvin after he said Anquan Boldin—a Ravens WR from 2010-12—was the last receiver Joe Flacco could trust.


This confrontation might be a bit more about Smith and Irvin’s on-camera relationship than it is about the former’s career. Last October, Irvin clowned Smith for a pair of pants he was wearing. Then Smith said he’d whoop his ass.

In a game as full of hyper-masculinity as football is, it’s tough to separate who is and is not about that action. Steve Smith Sr. is about that action.

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