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Steve Young Breaks Down The Souvenir Cup Incident

Illustration for article titled Steve Young Breaks Down The Souvenir Cup Incident

On Monday we showed you video of the brazen plastic cup attack on former 49ers quarterback Steve Young following the Panthers-Bucs game on ESPN, as Young was trying to wrap up the proceedings at Bank of America Stadium for SportsCenter. On Wednesday he spoke of the incident for the first time.


On Young's weekly segment on KNBR-680 (San Francisco) radio on Wednesday, host Ralph Barbieri wasted little time getting to the details.


RB: Hey listen; what happened at the beginning of the post-game thing? I saw a cup come flying in to my picture and landed right in front of you.

SY: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

RB: You handled it with aplomb.

SY: Someone threw a plastic cup. It hit ... it was a pretty good shot, actually.

RB: It hit right in front of you.

SY: Yeah, it was a perfect shot. You know, you'd think that would happen in Philly or Cleveland, you don't expect that in Charlotte.

RB: Do the producers, the powers that be at ESPN, do they apparently want that raucous crowd right up close there?

SY: Yeah, they do it for the shot. So they have fifteen people going crazy, so it looks like, 'wow, there's a lot of excitement going on there.'


Young went on to extol the virtues of Steve Smith:

"He's such a special athlete. If I see them throw him another hitch pass out of bounds I'm going to go crazy. I pray the Panthers will find a way to get him the ball in space so that he can make 11 guys miss."


Clueless Charlotte fans. Of all the ERSPN commentators you can pelt with plastic goblets, you pick Steve Young? He's one of the good guys. Go after Berman.

The Steve Young Show [KNBR-680]

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