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Steven Adams Appreciates Your Continued Concern For His Ball Bag

As you know, Thunder center Steven Adams got his hog and yams savaged on two separate occasions during last season’s NBA playoffs. Months later, Adams says his genitals are doing just fine.


Adams was asked about the status of his dick and balls while being interviewed about his sister, Valerie, who just won a silver medal in women’s shot put at the Olympic games. “Just blew me away,” Adams said of his sister’s performance. “Unbelievably proud. Sent her, like, a bunch of heartfelt messages, because I really felt emotional about it.” Awwww!

But what about the nuts? “Nuts, ah mate, they’re still there, thankfully,” said Adams. “It’s funny that it’s on a lot of people’s minds, though. For like, this long, people are still thinking about my nuts. It’s awesome.”

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