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Steven Adams Unleashes World's Worst Euro-Step

Steven Adams is a big heavy metal-looking Kiwi monster who does cool basketball things all the time, and this season he’s played his way into serious All-Star consideration by being efficient as shit and co-anchoring one of the NBA’s best defenses. Mostly he’s stayed pretty chill through all this, but the good times might finally be going to his enormous head.

In the first quarter of Thursday’s game against the Pelicans, Adams received a pass in transition and found himself with a runout, going one-on-one against a frantically backpedaling Solomon Hill. This is a spot where fluid scoring guards do cool-ass euro-step layups. Adams wanted it, man, but that’s a lot of flesh to finesse into balletic shapes on the go. It didn’t work out!


With Anthony Davis out, the Pelicans had nothing better to throw at Adams than Jahlil Okafor. Adams feasted, to the tune of 20 points on 12 shots, plus 13 rebounds, seven of them on the offensive glass, in a Thunder win. I guess he earned himself one extraordinarily hideous scoring move. Gotta develop that footwork!

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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