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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Like, Philipp Wollscheid at least should probably change his name after this. The elastico itself was disgusting, but that Riyad Mahrez flicked it through the poor defender’s legs, and that Wollscheid just stood their frozen, eyes cast downward looking like a child inspecting the damage after he’d just pissed himself (which, to be fair, would’ve been a perfectly understandable physiological response in this scenario), while Mahrez floated on by before setting up Leicester’s third goal of the match, ups the stakes here from Goddammit, I’m gonna hear about this from the guys all week, aren’t I? to Hm, I have always liked working with my hands, maybe I’ll go be a carpenter now.

Meanwhile, Leicester City are three points clear of Arsenal and Manchester City at the top of the table. There are no words.


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