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Strained Earth Gives Off Mighty Groan As Yet Another Game Of Thrones/Sports Mashup Is Unleashed Upon It

We all love sports, and we all love Game of Thrones, but what if I told you that sports ... was a lot like Game of Thrones?


This video celebrates Patriots QB Tom Brady’s return from suspension by comparing the signal-caller to Jon Snow, the most Christ-like figure in the show. I like the Patriots, and I like Game of Thrones, but somehow, I don’t like these things together.

Turnovers against the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game are compared to Snow (Tom Brady) losing control of the Night’s Watch (Patriots). Ballghazi is interpreted as Snow (Brady) getting stabbed (suspended). Alliser Thorne is ... fuck, I don’t know. Roger Goodell? Is Olly representing Troy Vincent? I’m already losing track. Who is Jimmy Garoppolo? This is unraveling quickly.

As Brady throws touchdowns, Snow draws his sword and prepares to fight an endless wave of soldiers on horseback in the Battle of the Bastards. Extending the metaphor, does this mean that Von Miller will suffocate Brady in the mud in December?

This is the most embarrassing video related to New England that I’ve seen since the movie trailer I watched this morning where Mark Wahlberg is a cop.


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