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Stuart Scott Obviously Feels Better

Wow, that "ESPN the Weekend" sure looks like it was fun. Here's Stuart Scott getting all Chuck D on the karaoke mic with proper S1W accompaniment by Charles Barkley playing the role of Flavor Flav and, hmm, Mr. Belding from "Saved By The Bell" obviously filling Professor Griff's giant shoes.

Of course, Stuart Scott took some time away from bass-in-your-facing to meet and greet with some of his fans.


Also, one of Stu Scott's admirers, courtesy of Don Chavez.

Hmm. Wonder if Michelle Beisner was there?

Oh, and also, who's up for pissing the night away with Howie Schwab?


Must have been a good time. Schwab pulled out his sweet Nautica circus peanut-colored polo. He was also so drunk, he thought he was having his picture taken with So Taguchi.

Stuart Scott Is A Man Of The People [Don Chavez]

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(To make clear, by the way, these photos aren't, in fact, from ESPN: The Weekend. We're told they're even a bit old. That doesn't make them any less enjoyable. And why DOES Mr. Belding show up at all these things?)

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