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The Super Bowl is so big, we're doing an open thread for the pre-game show. Deal with it. The fun starts now on NBC.

We're here for six hours so of course we want some live updates from the team hotels. Were there chocolates on the pillows? How did the players sleep? Did Lawrence Taylor send over any [age appropriate!] hookers? Randy Moss and that insanely close talker, Alex Flanagan have us covered—Pats and Giants, respectively.


Serious news man Matt Lauer checks in with an interview with President Obama. Let's see if Matt asks if at least Obama knows when he was inaugurated.

For some reason there is a red carpet. For no reason whatsoever, it will be hosted by Nick Cannon. Adam Sandler is a big football fan! The place will be lousy with stars pimping NBC related programming so, enjoy.

Along with various other game and player-related features—I know, I know. I'm jut as excited to see Vince Wilfork at home as the rest of you—NBC will also showcase the site of Super Bowl 46.

Indianapolis Legacy: NBC Sports will examine how Indianapolis became a shining example of how the biggest of sporting events can provide the means to unite a community in astonishing ways. After the city was awarded the game in 2008, it used the Super Bowl to plant thousands of trees, fight cancer, redevelop an entire neighborhood, and bring hope to those in need. When the Super Bowl is over, its impact in Indianapolis will remain for a very long time.


It's all really happening. Enjoy!

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