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Surfer "Bitten In Half" By Great White Shark In Australia

The west coast of Australia has been described as the deadliest shark attack zone in the world. It sort of boggles the mind then that people still, like, swim and surf there. Yet they do, and then crazy stories like this become more and more prevalent.

Surfer Benjamin Linden, 24, was bitten in half in a savage attack on Saturday, the fifth such fatality in the region in less than a year.

He was surfing near Wedge Island, north of Perth, with a friend when he was mauled by the huge shark, said to be up to five metres (16 feet) long.

A man jet-skiing near him said it was a gruesome scene, with "half a torso" all that remained of Linden.


Right. OK.

This most recent attack has Australian lawmakers wondering if the Great White should be taken off the protected list. Or maybe just stop swimming and surfing where the terrifying eating machines are known to eat people the most. This particular Shark had apparently been seen around before and was of remarkable enough size that he was given the nickname "Brutus" by local surfers, presumably before he ate their buddy.

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