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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Boy, we all got psyched for some old-fashioned Eastern European racism, didn't we? "Stadiums of Hate," and Sol Campbell warning about twin black-hating boogeymen Andrzej and Andriy, and even England players leaving their families at home. Well, perhaps there's a lesson here, because not only did English fans and players not meet with any racism in Ukraine, but UK police are now investigating racial abuse and threats from English fans at home.

It's the usual crap on Twitter, Ashley Cole and Ashley Young being called "nigger" or "monkey" after each missed penalties in the shootout with Italy yesterday. No one should be shocked, because this is how some people react to black athletes. But in the UK, there are consequences. A Welsh student just spent two months in jail for racial abuse of Fabrice Muamba. So the Metropolitan Police, in response to public outcry, have announced a probe of this latest round of stupid people acting stupid. (This is 2012. People are racist on Twitter. Other people retweet those racist people, CCing @metpoliceuk. If you must call black athletes racial epithets, do it on Google+ where no one will see it.)


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