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Surviving The Lockout: Boris Diaw's Extreme Umbrella Commercial

Today was payday. November 15th was to see players receive 1/12th of their 2011-2012 contracts, but with nuclear winter coming on, they're out the equivalent of a month's salary—$220,000 on average. Actually losing money for the first time is hard on some players, like Samardo Samuels.

But Boris Diaw? No biggie. He's playing for the French team he runs, and just rocking out all over the place. Ben Swanson of Rufus On Fire dug up a commercial for Senz Umbrellas, where Diaw and some random dude take an umbrella out for a spin on a Waverunner in order to demonstrate its stability. If I'm Diaw, tooling around Lake Havasu, flying to the South of France, and making that sweet, sweet umbrella money, I never want the lockout to end. The alternative is Charlotte.


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