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Before Bayern Munich and Olympiakos faced off in the Champions League on Tuesday, mayhem broke out during a match between the clubs’ respective U-19 sides in Athens. In the 84th minute of the UEFA Youth League match between the sides, a stadium invasion left four Bayern fans bloody and injured.


The Greek City Times reported that “80 men, many in motorcycle helmets or armed with clubs” were the culprits. The attackers invaded the stadium during the latter stages of the match and began targeting Bayern fans. Authorities suspect but have not confirmed that the invaders were Olympiakos ultras.


The assailants began their attacks in the stands, though the chaos spilled out onto the field shortly thereafter:

Match officials stopped the game for a time while security tried to deal with the situation. During the stoppage, both teams went to mid-field and started kicking the ball around in a rondo, waiting until the ref officially called off the match:


Olympiakos youth team coach Dimitris Mavrogenidis apologized for and condemned the attacks, saying “This is not my Olympiakos.” As of now, police have made no arrests in connection to the attacks, nor has there been confirmation of the extent of the Bayern fans’ injuries.

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Correction (3:31 p.m. ET): The post previously said this was during an U-21 match; it was in an U-19 match. This has been corrected above and in the headline.

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