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Texas Longhorns (29-6) vs
West Virginia Mountaineers (22-10)
When: Tonight, 9:40 p.m. ET (approx.)
Where: Atlanta


1. Just Call Him Coach Integrity. One time in 1999, Rick Barnes snuck his kid out of school to take him to the Ryder Cup, which all went fine until the kid s head was pictured in Sports Illustrated sticking out of some bushes next to Sergio Garcia. Frankly, this is just awesome: Not only did young Nick Barnes see some quality golf, but he scored a pic in a national magazine, something he surely remembers to this very day. Tell me that s not great parenting.

2. Come Carolinians! Most of North Carolina might be out of it ... but how about all you depressed fans try jumping on the Longhorn bandwagon? Coach Barnes is a native of Hickory, N.C., and spent most of his early career coaching in the ACC. Heck, NC State coach Herb Sendek was his assistant at Providence! And PJ Tucker was born in Raleigh, his parents still live there and he gets regular pleas from the Wolfpack — whom UT defeated 75-54 on Sunday — to come home and play. So come on, North Carolina! Join up! Ha ha ha ha, suckas. No really. We d love to have you. P.S.: Did we mention Barnes also used to coach at George Mason? You Tarheels have heard of them, right?

3. Googlism Madness. According to world-renowned expert Googlism, Daniel Gibson is a very solid and unique player, Brad Buckman is ready for prime time, LaMarcus [Aldridge] is one of the most exciting defensive players we have and Rick Barnes is a man with a shadowy past who has indeed changed his name. Also, Funkytown is home to the Longhorn Basketball Band, The University of Texas is a school steeped in tradition and spirit, and school mascot Bevo is a fucking steer. Sadly, Longhorns are sacrificed and devoured in Reliant Stadium's parking lot. But ah! Thank you, Googlism: Mountaineers is awful. And Google doesn't know enough about Pittsnogle yet. — Whitney Pastorek


1. Today Is Patrick Belien's Birthday. I'm not sure if it will have any affect on the game, but if West Virginia does happen to win tonight, I'm not sure if any man on the planet has ever been quite as likely to get laid as Patrick Belien would be tonight.


2. WVU Could've/Would've/Should've Beat Texas Earlier. I'm sure CBS will fill you in on it tonight, but when West Virginia played Texas earler this year, the Longhorns won by one after some WVU missed free throws and a last second block by LaMarcus Aldridge on Mike Gansey. West Virginia will believe they can win.

3. Most WNBA Teams Would Outrebound West Virginia. The Mountaineers rank 326th out of 327 Division-I teams in rebounding. It's true that the West Virginia's system isn't designed to snag a lot of rebounds, but still, it would be nice if Kevin Pittsnogle would stop impregnating his wife for long enough to box someone out every now and then. The Mountaineers make up for it, though, by being second in the nation in fewest turnovers. — The Mighty MJD


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