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Syracuse Botches Roosevelt Bouie's Name In Jersey Retirement

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The Syracuse athletic department retired the jerseys of former college basketball stars Roosevelt Bouie and Louis Orr—known in their heyday as the "Louie and Bouie Show"—at halftime of Saturday's game. Apparently, no one spell-checked the names on the jerseys, because Bouie's wasn't right.

Per, one (luckily) unnamed employee ordered the jerseys, but no one else saw them until the actual presentation. The school "deeply regretted" the error, according to chief of communications Joe Giansante. The Orange need to hire a jersey editor.

Bouie gracefully accepted the mistake:

"They came over to me and were very apologetic," Bouie said. "I told them, 'I know how to spell it because it's my name.' They'll get it right and they'll get it back to me. They'll fix it. Really, it's no big deal."


I won't speak for Bouie, but as someone with first and last names that are difficult to spell, I can empathize.

Though the framed jersey was screwed up, Bouie's banner in the rafters had the correct spelling.


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