Syracuse Conveniently Punishes Itself During Down Season

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The Syracuse men's basketball team has self-imposed a postseason ban in an attempt to punish itself for athletic department violations that the NCAA has been investigating since 2007. The ban will prevent Syracuse from playing in the ACC tournament, NCAA tournament, or NIT tournament this year, but there's no reason to go congratulating Syracuse for voluntarily taking its medicine.

In case you hadn't noticed, Syracuse sucks this year. The team is 15-7 and is a long shot to make it to the NCAA tournament. At worst, Syracuse will have to miss out on the NIT, which nobody gives a shit about anyway.


If the NCAA finds a one-year postseason ban to be sufficient punishment for whatever it is that Syracuse did, the team will be in the clear and won't have to worry about getting punished in the future. That would be great new for Syracuse, seeing as how next season's incoming recruiting class is one of the best the school has ever had. Everybody wins!