T.Y. Hilton Apologizes For Correctly Pointing Out His Teammates Suck

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The Indianapolis Colts lost 27-0 to the Jaguars on Sunday, and in the process allowed quarterback Jacoby Brissett to be sacked 10 times. The Colts have been losing games like this for awhile now, because the organization does not seem to believe in employing competent offensive lineman, and after the game receiver T.Y. Hilton correctly diagnosed the team’s problem.


Today, Hilton apologized for telling the harsh truth about his crappy team. From ESPN:

“First and foremost, I would like to apologize to the team and the O-line,” Hilton said. “It was out of character, frustrated how the game went. At the end of the day, I have their back. I love them to death and I was wrong. I’m always against that and I go out and do it, so 100 percent I messed up. It’s on me. I’m sorry for that and I’m leader and those guys look up to me and I stabbed them in the back, so for me I’m sorry about that. I’ll approach them individually one on one and just let them know I was a 100 percent dead-ass wrong.”


It’s going to be really depressing when Andrew Luck returns from injury and gets sacked 12 times in his first game back.