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Pro table tennis player Zhang Jike won the 2014 Liebherr Men's World Cup in Germany this weekend, and he celebrated by kicking the shit out of a nearby sign before tossing his shirt into the crowd. Take that, sign! I am the best at table tennis and I am stronger than you!

Unfortunately for Jike, the International Table Tennis Federation is apparently run by the world's most uptight dads, because the organization announced that it will be withholding Jike's prize money, due to his outburst:

Overcome by the moment, emotional, he put his foot through two of the surrounds guarding the court; it was spur of the moment reaction and one which he regretted when the adrenalin flow had calmed in ferocity.

The decision of the Jury is that he will not receiving any prize money for his actions.


This is bullshit. Let Zhang Jike live, lame-ass table tennis dudes! Give that man his money!


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