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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Take A Look At Tim Lincecums Brand New Jordanesque Logo

Tim Lincecum will be on the mound (and on the Magazine cover) as the Giants open their season this evening with an 8 p.m. EST game against the Dodgers. There's always been something about Lincecum that suggests an aversion to selling-out or going for products (it's the long hair; I'm stereotyping) so in a way we shouldn't be surprised that the 26-year-old now has his very own logo. There certainly is some level of independence that comes with independent-branding. The Giants' Twitter page says he'll be using it "on upcoming personal projects." Like his own line of gravity bongs, perhaps.


H/T Sportsfeeder, via @SF_Giants.

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