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Tampa Radio Host Hopes The Buccaneers Sign "Those Three Monkeys" In Free Agency [UPDATES]

Dan Sileo's your standard issue jock-turned-shock-jock, currently plying his trade at WDAE ("The Sports Animal") in Tampa. A former U of Miami lineman who had a brief stint in the pros, he got into a bit of trouble for exaggerating the length and importance of his NFL career.

On this morning's show, while discussing the impending start of free agency, Sileo's co-host brought up the rumor that Cortland Finnegan is trying to convince Vincent Jackson to come with him to Tampa Bay. Add to that the prospect of Jonathan Vilma, and Sileo was excited:

"They're gonna spend all that money."
[Co-host] "And Dan'll be like, 'well, they're not really that good.'"
"No! No! If they get those three monkeys, I'm good! I'm ready, man. I'm ready. I want those guys. Those guys are great players."


That sort of came out of nowhere. Considering the positive context, we'd be willing to believe it was a slip of the tongue, but it was still very odd. We've left a message with WDAE asking for comment and will update when they get back to us.

UPDATE: We just received a statement from WDAE program director Steve Versnick:

WDAE would like to apologize for Dan Sileo's ill-chosen on-air remarks earlier this week. He absolutely meant no disrespect to the players and he is sincerely embarrassed and upset that his off-the-cuff remarks might be taken as hateful, disrespectful, or in any way racist. Dan and the station regret any offense to the players; to the Bucs organization; and to the people of the Tampa Bay community.

UPDATE, 3/13: Sileo is fired.


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