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Tank Johnson Will Be Allowed To Violate O-Linemen's Probation

Well, the wheels of justice grind gloriously in the land of Chicago. Defensive lineman Tank Johnson — whose name is not Feelings Johnson for a reason — will be able to play in the Super Bowl. A Cook County judge just ruled less than an hour ago that Tank will be able to travel with the team to Miami.

In case you forgot the details of Tank's case, police raided his home in December and found "found three handguns, three rifles and more than 500 rounds of ammunition." They also found Tank's bodyguard, Willie Posey, who was then found dead less than a week later.


When the judge originally ordered that Tank had violated his parole probation, he said Tank could go to practice, but then had to go straight home, "absolutely no stops — not for a drink, not for a sandwich, not even for a drive-through." Now, he can play in the Super Bowl. We've said it before, we'll say it again: Lock him in his Miami hotel room!

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